Your Yacht’s Yearly Yearning

As we enter the winter months, most of us put up our tank tops and bathing suits and reach for the heavy coats, hats, and gloves. If you are an avid yacht yuppie, you have probably put your toy in dry dock for a while.

While your yacht is taking a long awaited break and dreaming of all the adventures it will take in the spring, it is a good time to perform some yearly maintenance. Below are three things that your yacht yearns for you to check and maintain at least once a year.

Engine and Fuel System

Every yacht needs a good running and clean engine and fuel system. Think of it as your yacht’s heart and circulatory system. You want to make sure that the heart is working properly and the veins and arteries of your vessel are running smoothly.

Check all your belts. Make sure that they aren’t worn out and that they are set at the proper tension. You may need to adjust or replace some. Also, check to make sure there is no rust or contamination in the fuel tank. Replace any and all hoses that are cracked or worn out, as well.

Lastly, as you are getting ready to put her up for the winter, check the antifreeze levels and add or replace what iFs needed.


While the engine might be your lovely yacht’s heart, the battery is the brain. Without the brain, nothing else functions. Like the heart doesn’t beat unless the brain tells it to, your yacht’s engine and lights won’t run without a battery to provide power.

There are really only a couple of things you need to worry about on a yearly basis with your battery. First, make sure to check the water level in your battery. Your owner’s manual may refer to this as the electrolyte level.

Next, clean the exterior bulb contact points. Lastly, make sure to spray everything down with anti-corrosion spray. This will keep things like the constant contact with water and any salt from eating away at things.

Hull Repair

As important as it is to take care of your skin in the winter, it’s just as important to take care of your boat’s hull. One of the best ways to do this is to give it a fresh coat of paint once a year. First things first, though.

Before a lady puts on her makeup, she has to make sure that her face is smooth and clean. Similarly, you need to give your yacht a good bath and then take the time to sand it, getting rid of the old pant, bumps, and barnacles.

Lastly, paint your travel toy with your favorite colors, but make sure that you keep track of the humidity and dew point. The wrong combination could cause condensation to build up on your new paint job.

Travelling by yacht is an adventure, to say the least. Make sure it’s one you can explore year after year by keeping up with your yacht’s yearly yearning for maintenance.