Wardrobe Options: Tips for Maxing Your Suitcase Space

One of the difficulties of traveling by plane is trying to avoid going over the weight limits when you pack your luggage. But this isn’t easy to do, and even if you go slightly over the limit, you might find yourself having to pay a lot of money in penalty fees.

The solution is to beat the system by packing smarter. Here are some tips you can follow to pack more efficiently next time you go on a trip.

Invest in a Multi-Pocketed Jacket

One of the best tricks, when you travel by plane, is to fit as much as you can into your jacket. Airlines will not weigh you or what you are wearing before the flight, so this can be a sneaky way to get extra items on board.

You could even find yourself a jacket that comes with lots of pockets of all different sizes so you can cram as much as you can into it before you catch your flight, freeing up space in your suitcase.

Get a Suitcase that Expands

Start off by getting yourself a suitcase with an expandable section that you can zip open when you need to. While it’s not a way to save space when it comes to packing tips, but it can prevent you from having to take an extra bag.

Download a Useful Packing App

You might want to download an app like PackPoint to help you pack the right things. This can help you to only pack what you need rather than, say, packing for wet weather when it’s going to be sunny.

Roll Up Clothes Rather than Folding Them

One way to save a lot of space in your luggage is to roll your clothes rather than fold them. Simply place your t-shirts one on top of the other and then roll them up together, and you may find that this saves you a lot of space.

Use that Shoe Space

Another trick is to use the space inside your shoes to stuff smaller items like keys, jewelry, and socks. Depending on how many pairs of shoes you pack, you could create a lot of extra space in your luggage this way.

Be Strict with Yourself

Finally, if you really can’t fit all of your things into your luggage, you might simply have to be a bit more strict with what you take.

Look over all of the things you are packing. Do you really need them all? Could you get away with fewer pairs of shoes?

Also, find out about things that you can borrow at the hotel when you arrive. For example, when you stay at a hotel with a good reputation like the Marriott Mountain Resort, you might be able to borrow a hairdryer, brush, and all kinds of other things, which can help you to save on what you pack.

Travel Smarter on Your Next Trip

No one likes getting it with extra fees for taking too much luggage, so avoid this happening to you on your next trip. Use these packing tips to fit more into your suitcase next time you go on vacation or a business trip, and travel smarter next time.