Best Vape Friendly Cities of the World

Despite its rising popularity, not every city in the world has favorable rules on vaping. Every city has its own unique guidelines on vaping. While some cities are very strict on their vaping rules, others are quite relaxed, making them vape-friendly. For any vapor, knowing whether a city has favorable vaping rules and if they can shop vapes there can be very handy. If for instance, you are planning a trip, you will have an easy time selecting a city with favorable vaping policies to completely enjoy your stay. Some of the popular vape-friendly cities of the world include the following.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is considered one of the best vape friendly cities in the world. In as much as vaping is prohibited on government property, there are hardly any restrictions on vaping in the city, whether you’re smoking nicotine or one of the vapes from somewhere like BC Bud Express ( with something a little stronger in it. Public vaping is allowed on all other public venues. The laws of the city give business owners the authority to either allow or prohibit public vaping. Due to the laxity of the laws on vaping, the city boasts of several restaurants, nightclubs and other establishments that are specifically focused on serving the vaping community. Numerous vape shops are spread across the city with each of them offering the latest vaping products such as mods and e liquid. Rules are so relaxed in Denver that vapes aren’t the only things the locals will be smoking if you know what I mean. You could be on a leisurely day out in the city with friends then, the next thing you know, you’re learning how to use a weed grinder. With the rules as relaxed as they are, anyone with even a remote interest in smoking various things will find Denver to be practically paradisiacal.

Seattle, Washington

Home to close to 200 vape shops, Seattle is another vape-friendly city. Besides the high number of vape shops spread across the city, Seattle also has nightclubs, bars and restaurants that welcome the vaping community. This makes it easy for vapors to find ideal congregation places. Besides the beautiful parks of the city, vaping is also allowed along the streets of Seattle. This gives vapors the freedom of vaping around the city without having to worry about being arrested or getting fined by the local police. There are however certain rules that might make the city less vapor friendly should they be passed in Washington.


Despite the EU’s resent restrictions on vaping, Berlin has earned its place among the best vape-friendly cities of the world. Germany has been very liberal about its regulations on e-cigarettes. There are no restrictions on public vaping. Vapors can therefore enjoy vaping along the streets, on train platforms or even in the beautiful parks of the city. The only restrictions on vaping in the city are with regards to the volume of the e-liquid containers and the nicotine content of the juice.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

There are no restrictions on public vaping in Virginia. The laid-back Virginia Beach provides the perfect seaside destination for enjoying a vape. The area is home to numerous restaurants and nightclubs that are a haven for vapers. It even has a concert area on which public vaping is allowed.

As can be seen, most of the cities with the best vaping friendly policies are located in the United States. Compared to countries in the EU and parts of Asia, the United States has employed a liberal approach to vaping. There are therefore several cities across the country that are vaping friendly.