Top ten: family travel gear

Choosing the right travel gear for you and your kids is crucial. Here are some gadgets that you don’t want to leave behind.

1. Little Company Brightline Messenger Bag

Finding the right travel-friendly changing bag can be like trying to find the perfect fitting jeans. This brand new Brightline bag is both the right size and the right price. Equipped with easy-to-access pockets, the bags are designed to help you find what you need fast without losing key supplies in the depths of loose nappies. Its sporty design is also versatile enough for both mums and dads on-the-go. £29.99,

2. Toddler Tag

One of the newest inventions in child-safety is Toddler Tag, a tiny device you can attach to anything from your child’s T-shirt to a bracelet. The tag allows you to monitor your childrens’ whereabouts at all times, a great help when facing the many distractions of crowded airports and busy hotel lobbies. See for pricing details

3. Sun Sense Toddler Milk

Sun Sense’s products are made in Australia where the harsh effects of the sun are well-understood. The SPF 50+ sun cream was specially created for the sensitive skin of toddlers. The roll on applicator makes for fast, easy coverage minus stress and mess. £6.99,

4. Reusable Child ID Wristbands

These waterproof wristbands are helpful in keeping your contact details safely secured on your child’s wrist. A set of three reusable bracelets comes with a permanent pen to write your ID information. A childproof latch secures the wristband to ensure it won’t slip off at the beach or by the pool. £5.99 for a set of three,

5. Potette Porta-Potty

For children being potty trained, going on holiday can be a big setback. The Potette Porta-Potty is a good, clean way to avoid on-the-road accidents. The potty flattens to fit in a hygienic carrying-case and includes disposable linings which are thrown away after each use. £7,

6. Trunki luggage

If your child is lucky enough to have a Trunki pullalong suitcase, you will know they provide a fun way to get kids through the airport. Now Trunki has a new colourful model called the Towgo to keep up with your toddler who can ride on top, or pull it along using the strap. £24.99 – £29.99,

7. Little Life Holiday First Aid Kit

Whether camping or cruising, a good first aid kit is essential to safe and healthy travels. Little Life’s compact case is specially designed for holidays and includes enough dressings and bandages to prepare you for any bumps (or bruises) that come your way. £15.99,

8. Mosquito Net

An absolute must for hoidays to exotic climes, a mosquito net that fits properly over cots and playpens to keep pests at bay. JoJo Maman Bebe sells a net with elasticized edges to keep the corners sealed and the insects out. £12,

9. Shuc Shower Holder-Upper

The Shuc is a device you use to control those slippery hotel shower heads and bring them down to the level of your child for safe showering. Great for families that are more used to baths. £14.95,

10. Easy-View Back-Seat Mirror

Keeping an eye on your infant, while in the car can present quite a challenge. Sunshine Kids Easy-View back seat mirror offers a safe and easy way to watch over your baby, while watching the road. The mirror attaches to the backseat headrest of your car and rotates 360º, so it won’t block your view or require any readjustment of your rearview mirror. £9.99,