Tips For Exploring A New City

Going travelling is always an adventure, no matter where you head to. The important thing to do when you arrive is to really explore your destination and get to know it as well as you can. There will always be exciting things to see and do, some of them will be famous landmarks, and others will be more off the beaten track. Here are some great tips for exploring a new city and really getting the most out of your travels. 

Photo by Pixabay

Be Safe 

Firstly, no matter where you go, you need to keep yourself as safe as possible. You can’t enjoy your explorations if you are constantly worried that something might happen to you or your possessions. Buy yourself a bag that can’t be slashed open, for example, and you can be sure that your money, passport, and other possessions won’t be stolen. Or find a hotel with a safe so you can store things securely. 

You should also do your research before you start your adventure. In every big city, there are areas that are safer than others. If you are travelling alone, sticking to the safe areas is a good idea. If you’re with a group, you might want to venture further afield, but you must always be wary and keep your wits about you. 

Take Public Transport 

By taking public transport rather than hiring a cab, you will see a lot more of the city you are exploring. Not only that, but you will be mixing with the locals. You can ask questions, find out the best places to go for lunch, or the best hidden gems that you really won’t find any other way. 

As a bonus, buses are always going to be a lot less expensive than a cab would be, so you’re saving money as well as learning a lot about the city and the culture that comes with it. 

Don’t Plan Too Much 

If you strictly plan every move you make, and every place you visit before you even step foot in the new city you are travelling to you could easily miss out on a lot. It’s good to have a plan, but don’t let it be too structured; you need to be able to be flexible sometimes, and to be spontaneous when you are able to. Doing this makes the entire adventure a lot more exciting, and you’ll discover so much more than you wouldn’t even have thought of before. 

Just make sure that you have planned one thing, however; your hotel. You’ll want somewhere clean, safe, and comfortable to go back to at the end of a long day. Choose somewhere that fits your budget and offers you a little luxury too, such as having Richard Haworth bathrobes in all the rooms. 

Get Lost 

Of course, we don’t mean horribly, hopelessly lost, but we do mean enjoy the city for what it is rather than constantly trying to get to a destination and missing out on the journey and what is all around you. Get onto a subway and hop off at a random stop just to see what is there, for example. Or go for a walk from your hotel and pick a direction just because it looks interesting – see what you come across. This is a wonderful way to explore that will lead you to all kinds of different places and experiences.