Take Back the Night! 4 Ways To Navigate Melbourne’s Nightlife

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The nightlife of any big city is always a good sign of a place’s attitude to its people. When we see cities like London that are full to the brim with people just wanting to relax after a hard week in the pub, any city that shows a dedication to its nightlife says a lot about its culture, but also how it treats its people. One of the best places in the entire world that caters for so many people is Melbourne. Melbourne has a lively nightlife and covers clubs, cocktails, and complete cacophony all-in-one! So what are the best ways to actually enjoy your nightlife in Melbourne? 

Dance the Night Away!

There are so many different clubs in Melbourne that you are spoilt for choice. Night clubs in many parts of the world can definitely seem like they only cater to those up to the age of 25! But there are many nightclubs in Melbourne that can get the crowd going, but also cater to people over the age of 40 that just want to have a cathartic experience and get lost in their own world to some “choons.” 

A place like Revolver Upstairs covers so much ground; a very classy affair, it offers some of the best Melbourne nightlife all through the week. Situated on Chapel Street it starts to overflow in the middle of the night, but this location is also an amazing opportunity for people to go and grab some breakfast before they head home! Chapel Street fry-ups are an amazing way to help you soak up that alcohol!

Play the Game! 

If you don’t like the idea of dancing the night away, but you need to exert your energy in another way, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge! One of the best places, hands down, is Strike QV on Little Lonsdale Street. If you really need to let the child inside you out, here is a place where you don’t have to down cocktails if you don’t want to! Strike QV has plenty on offer. From bowling to laser tag, and even escape rooms, you’ve got plenty to choose from. And if you want to have some alcohol, there is a fully stocked bar and kitchen for you to refresh and replenish.

If you’re looking for the best time to indulge in your fair share of alcohol and sports, you need to get there during Happy Hour! Open until the small hours, it is the best way for you to bring the child in you out, especially when travelling gets to be a bit too much to bear, and you just have to let loose! If Strike QV has too much to choose from and you are looking for something, simpler you need to head to Holey Moley, home to the number one mini-golf venue in Melbourne. With a pop culture-themed course and a stylish bar to boot, you can have a lot of fun! 

Dining In and Eating Out

We can’t talk about nightlife without talking about the eateries in Melbourne. If you are on the hunt for an upmarket hip eatery, Cumulus Up on Flinders Lane is a cafe that has a remarkable menu crafted by the best chefs in Melbourne. Amazing snacks like the roast potato, the double-cooked duck buns, and of course, ribeye steak, means that you are going to feel satisfied. If you don’t have time during the early evening, not to worry, it is open until 1 am! 

If you’re looking for something beyond fine dining and you need to get your dose of culture, The Toff In Town has a remarkable selection of Thai dishes that are experimental, yet extravagant! If you need something spicy, this is where you need to go! 

Go Up on the Roof

The city has many drinking spots that venture beyond ground level. There are so many rooftop bars that cover the city and the outer suburbs, but make sure you book ahead because you don’t want to be disappointed! Some of the great rooftop bars include the venue Imperials, which is styled like a summer beach, as well as the Arbory. 

If you are looking for a way to navigate nightlife in any city, you can always tell by the sheer diversity of things on offer just how much nightlife is important to that location. Because when you look at party districts like Dublin that are wall to wall with pubs, sometimes you don’t get a taste for the sheer diversity and culture on offer. This is why, if you ever go to Melbourne, you’ve got to sample its nightlife!