Summertime Roadtrippers Be Aware: Best & Worst States For Driving In The U.S.

No one likes getting stuck in traffic. Congested roadways raise drivers’ anxiety, causes tempers to flare, and can make you late for an important engagement. Traffic is also hard on your wallet. The stop and go of heavy traffic will use more gas than simply driving at a steady pace.

Travelers seem to think that once they have found the right pickup truck for their travels, the problem is over. Of course, due to the amount of space in a truck bed, the problem of traveling with a lot of luggage can be resolved. On top of that, those who have a pickup bed cover (head to for some examples) can rest further assured that their belongings remain safe in the event of rainfall or any other disruption that may cause damage to their luggage. However, they might be forgetting about the big cloud of traffic and road congestion that looms over any road trip. Traffic and bad drivers can be two of the worst nemesis of a great road trip, and the summertime exploration bug is strong. It’s best to know what you’re getting yourself into before you plan your next big journey on the roads.

Here is a brief look at some of the best and worst states for driving in the U.S. this year.

Best: Texas

If you’re driving through Texas during your travel plans, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Texas ranked number one on several different surveys for best places to drive in the U.S.

The traffic isn’t super congested (of course, there are exceptions), there are a large number of vehicle maintenance shops, car washes, and plenty of parking lots. You can safely assume that Texas is a travel-friendly state.

Worst: South Carolina

Traffic injuries and deaths are unusually high per capita on South Carolina’s roadways. According to this local South Carolina law firm, one person in the state is injured in a vehicle accident every five minutes.

It seems people in South Carolina don’t understand personal space. If you want to avoid playing adult bumper cars on the highway, plan your trip around the chaotic roadways of South Carolina.

Best: North Carolina

North Carolina is ranked the number five best place for drivers, according to Wallethub’s 2018 assessment. The state is low on traffic congestion, and accident rates in the region are lower than most.

North Carolina roadways are safe for drivers, but they are also some of the most scenic highways in the nation. It is definitely worth the excursion to plan your summer road trip exploring North Carolina.

Worst: California

You probably didn’t have to read an article to know that California would be on the worst list. The Golden State is among the worst in traffic, accidents, road work, pollution, and a whole slew of other unpleasant inconveniences.

You will want to especially stay away from the big cities of the state during rush hour. If you stay north, or in the more rural areas of the state, you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

Best: Nebraska

Nebraska’s traffic infrastructure is superior to most. You won’t have a problem getting around in this state. It’s probably easy to understand why the roadways might be much less populated as the state’s residents are fairly spread out across the land.