How To Start A Travel Blog

I know that a lot of the people who come to Trave1Blogs get inspired to do what I do, so I want to give you a helping hand. I think the best way for me to do that is to share some advice based on my own experiences of creating a travel blog, so here goes. In addition to the tips below, you will want to make sure that you have a good, reliable internet connection from somewhere like centurylink internet so that you will be able to write your posts without fear that your connection will go down, and schedule posts confident that they will go live when you want them to.

Pick A Good CMS

For those of you who don’t know, CMS stands for Content Management System. A lot of websites use them nowadays, as they allow you to quickly create and upload content to your site without having to faff around with coding. The most popular one is WordPress, but there are others available if that doesn’t work for you.

Buy A Domain

While you can certainly make a success of a travel blog that is hosted by a blogging website, like WordPress, you lend a sense of legitimacy to your blog if you purchase your own domain name. Thankfully, this is pretty easy to do and it won’t cost you all that much. Try to find a domain name that is unique and relevant to what you write about.

Get Writing

The only way to get better at writing is to keep doing it. Write about anything and everything you can think of. Seen something amazing? Get it posted on the site. Have tips and advice to share? Get that article written. Most importantly of all, keep track of your blog’s analytics data. If need be, take help from SEO firms like Victorious ( and improve the entire outlook of your blog according to standards set forth by Google. Try to figure out what turns your audience on and, as importantly, what turns them off. Adjust your writing style until you hit all of the right notes.

Start Guest Blogging

Trave1Blogs offers readers the chance to write their own posts for the site and there are plenty of other travel blogs that do the same. Guest blogging is a great way to reach an audience that hasn’t discovered your blog yet. Put just as much effort into your guest posts as you do the ones on your blog and you will soon find that people start following you because they like your style. That brings me to my next point…

Be You

People read travel blogs because they want to find out about the people behind the adventures, as much as the adventures themselves. Make sure everything you post is injected with a little bit of you. Give people reasons to care about you and engage in what you’re doing and you will soon find that they keep coming back for more.

Take Plenty of Photos

Reading about something amazing is great, but seeing it will really inspire people. Take as may photos as you can during your travels and post them onto the blog. Tell stories about them and let people know why those pictures inspire you.

Have Fun

If you wouldn’t do it for free, you won’t have any fun with your travel blog. It can take a long time to start earning an income from your writing, so you really need to have a passion for travelling and telling your stories to get through those first couple of years when you struggle to attract an audience. Some people get lucky and go viral quickly, but for the rest of us, it can take a lot of time and dedication. You need to be having fun or your motivation will dip quickly.