Rocking the Red Eye: Techniques, Apps and Gadgets to Sleep Better on That Overnight Flight

Flying the red-eye is never a lot of fun. Sure, it’s cheaper and it can be convenient to arrive at your destination early in the morning. But the problem for many travelers is the chronic tiredness that comes following a long overnight flight.

So how can you get around this? Here are a few tricks and tips to help you sleep better on your next red-eye.

Head Pillow

Of all the tips, this is the most important. Invest in a high-quality head pillow, preferably one with lavender, and don’t bother with a cheap one because it probably won’t do much.

Airplane seats are not comfortable, and falling asleep even just for a few hours will be a lot easier once you are supporting your head properly.

Sound-Canceling Earphones

Ear plugs are a simple way to block out sounds and get some shut-eye. But sound-canceling earphones are a much better alternative if you can get some.

Investing in a good pair won’t come cheap, but you’ll congratulate yourself when you switch off the sounds from the rest of the plain and sink into silence.

Sleep Mask

A sleep mask should be considered another essential item when you want to sleep better on flights. Even though they usually turn the lights down, there is always someone who wants to keep the light on or who opens the window as soon as the sun rises.

By taking your own sleep mask, you have complete control over when you turn the lights on.

Alarm Clock for Me Free

You’ll probably have your mobile phone on you during your trip. Rather than use it just to watch movies and listen to music, download a few useful apps that can help you enjoy a more restful flight.

Alarm Clock for Me Free is an Android app you can download on Google Play. You can use it to play your favorite relaxing track on a timer as you fall asleep, which will be even better with those noise-cancelling headphones.

You can then set it to wake you up at the time you choose, again with a soothing tune of your choice.

Choose a Window Seat

Another useful tip is to choose a window seat rather than an aisle seat. The reason for this is that if you choose an aisle seat, you might find yourself constantly woken up by your fellow passengers as they walk around or use the bathroom. In a window seat, you only have to get up when you want to.

Pack an Extra Blanket

Always take an extra blanket when you fly overnight. It can get cold on the plane, and sometimes there are not enough blankets for everyone.

Nothing is worse for getting to sleep than being cold throughout your flight, so pack your own blanket and avoid this fate.

Sleep Better on Your Next Red-Eye

Flying overnight is never great fun, especially if you have trouble sleeping. But by using these tips and techniques you can reduce your discomfort and increase your chances of sleeping for at least a few hours, helping you to feel better when you arrive.