Must-Have Travel Equipment

Throughout my travels, I have found that there are certain pieces of equipment that come with me no matter where I go. They are the essentials of travelling and anybody who is intending to spend a lot of time away from home should have them too.

Don’t waste your time wondering what they are. I’ve created a handy list for you right here.

A Sturdy Suitcase

Going for the cheap options when buying a suitcase is never recommended. They tend to get thrown around a lot when transported between planes and damage to the case could delay your next adventure. Do a little research and find a suitcase that meets your needs and can stand up to the rigours of extensive travelling.

A Good Camera

Making memories is all well and good, but its recording them that will really help you relive the precious experiences you enjoy during your travels. I recommend investing in a good digital camera for the purpose. Make sure you buy a few SD cards so you don’t run out of memory. A decent case for the camera will also keep it protected in transit. As for the camera itself, you should look for something that combines quality with portability.

Power Adapters

These are essential, as they will allow you to use your electronic devices no matter where you are in the world. You can pick a decent adapter up for less than $10 and they are available in most airports. Always have a couple in your case, just in case one of them breaks.

Good Boots

As a hiker, I like to get out and about when I’m travelling. Even I that isn’t really your thing, it still helps to have some sturdy footwear on hand should you need it. A good pair of boots is just the ticket. As an added tip, wear the boots on your flights so they don’t end up contributing to your case’s weight.

The Franklin 12-Language Translator

Yes the screen may be a little dim and the translator looks somewhat out-of-date, but you won’t find a more useful and versatile translation tool around. It does require the internet either, so you aren’t going to find yourself stuck with no connection desperately wishing you had access to Google Translate. It’s sturdy, fits in your pocket and features over 12,000 pre-programmed phrases and 450,000 words in its dictionary.

Zip-Lock Bags

This may sound like an odd choice until you get stopped at airport security and get told you can’t take liquids onto a flight unless they are in a clear zip-lock bag. Always have a few handy so you can throw those travel-sized shower gels, shampoos, and soaps into one at a moment’s notice.

A Travel Pillow

These can be picked up all over the world and you just need to take a little time to inflate them to experience a new level of comfort on your flights. Seriously, if you need to get a little shut-eye on a long journey, a good travel pillow will really help.