No Matter the Wind or Weather: Great Apps for Outdoor Adventurists

If you are someone who enjoys the great outdoors and wants to explore all that nature has to offer, you are going to be respectful of weather conditions of course, but it will have to be bad to put a stop to your planned adventures.

Here is a look at some great apps that can help and enhance your outdoor experience. Including a way to ensure you are never stranded without battery power, how to find a reliable trail guide, plus tips on using and app to relive your adventure and keep safe.

Juice for your phone

You want some apps on your phone that are going to help you enjoy your outdoor adventures and stay safe, like a weather app you can get on Google Play that gives you real-time information on conditions where you are headed.

But none of this data can be accessed if your smartphone powers down and leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere with no form of communication or navigation.

A good way to avoid that nightmare scenario would be to invest in a portable solar charger. You can find one that is weather-proof and shock-proof for a modest cost, but being able to charge your phone wilderness could prove invaluable.

Picking a hiking and biking route

It is always a good idea to stick to a proven route that offers a trail guide and keeps you safe while enjoying some scenic escapades.

If you use an app like AllTrails, it is free to download and gives you a choice of about 50,000 trail guides, with topographic maps that you can also use offline, when you go biking or hiking.

There is also the opportunity to take your own photos and create a new trail that you can upload and share with other adventurers.

Keep a journal

It is always interesting to look back on your trip and relive the experience at a later date.

You can document and journal everything using an app like Ramblr. It lets you record most aspects of your trip from the route covered, and how far you traveled, plus there is a feature that lets you record geotagged audio and video.

Using an app like this lets you recall every aspect of the adventure and share a journal of your trip that says a lot more than picture alone can achieve.

Good to know

If you are planning on going somewhere off the beaten track or simply want to ensure there is a backup plan if something goes wrong, it is a good idea to share your travel plans with someone else.

Using an outdoor safety app called Cairn you can leave a trip plan with a friend so that they know where you are headed and when you expect to return from your hike. It also crowdsources useful information on where you can get a phone signal and displays it on a map, as well as logging your location.

Safety is always a primary consideration and it could make all the difference if someone knows where you are and when you might be in trouble. Besides that, you can adopt some self-protection measures too. Carrying a stealth weapon with you, such as a swiss knife, could prove to be useful for a number of tasks including defending yourself. If you wish to take an extra step and hold a weapon on you, ensure that you are following the law and holding required licenses. For women, consider using a bra holster that allows you to conceal carry your handgun with ease, and quickly access it if necessary.

There are many apps available that are designed to enhance your outdoor adventure experience and it makes a lot of sense to have them on your phone and with you whenever you go off exploring.

Christopher Bird has a variety of outdoor hobbies which he enjoys doing on free weekends. Fishing, off-roading, geocaching to name a few.