Making the Most of Your Trip to Continental Europe

I suppose it’s soon going to be applicable to travellers from the UK as well and some other parts of the world, but in the specific case of those who are travelling to Europe from as far as North America, when you cross the Atlantic you really want to make it count! I mean sure, there are some pretty special places which you can visit in isolation, such as Santorini, Greece, but if you’re going to be visiting the European mainland continent then there are some pointers to consider to really make the most out of it.

Visit multiple countries

Yes, don’t limit yourself to just one country when you’re visiting Europe. If you’re visiting those EU countries which form part of the Schengen group then the very existence of this multi-country visa is an indication of how you should approach the trip. Europe wasn’t meant to be experienced one country per trip as there is so much diversity to be experienced by merely crossing the borders.

And that’s the beauty of it – low cost airlines and being able to jump on a train and be in a different country within two hours makes it all possible. You can enjoy a completely different tourist experience in Germany from France, for example, and yet travelling between these and many other countries is in many instances easier than travelling between two states back home!

You shouldn’t limit yourself to the Western European countries though. The likes of the Czech Republic capital, Prague have so much to offer in nightlife, history, culture and a fusion of the old and new worlds, so Central and Eastern Europe should be on the itinerary as well.

One last thing – instead of planning the specific details of the trip yourself, rather join up with those established trans-continental tour groups. You’ll get mega discounts in addition to making lifelong friends that demonstrate just how much strength there is in numbers.