On your way to Las Vegas? Here’s what not to miss

As one of the world’s most famous entertainment hubs, Las Vegas is a holiday and relaxation destination that’s popular with many people both from the US and beyond. Believed to welcome around 40 million people per year, this is a city that enjoys a reputation for top hotels, casino fun and world-class food. With all of this in mind, here’s a quick look at what Vegas can offer you on your next trip.

Food and drink

Las Vegas isn’t just about betting. There are plenty of top chefs who have chosen to make this city their home over the years, so if you’re searching for good cuisine in between casino trips, then this is the place to be. For those who like high-end cuisine, Le Cirque on South Las Vegas Boulevard is noted for its opulent surroundings and fine French dishes. However, Vegas caters for all budgets. If you’re staying in the center of the city, why not head to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria for a slice of amazing coal-fired oven-baked pizza?

Luxury hotels

A good hotel can really make any trip, and if you’re heading to Vegas, then that’s especially true. The Wynn Las Vegas, for example, is a resort-style location with all sorts of amazing features such as designer shops and a swimming pool. However, you don’t have to scale back your plans if you’re on a budget. The Tropicana Hotel Las Vegas, for example, is a conveniently located yet reasonably priced place to stay that can offer a touch of class without breaking the bank. It’s got a real Floridian feel to it, and the window shutters and tropical-style pool space make it feel like a true summer destination. Also, if you are worried about your budget, you could earn myvegas rewards and save some extra money that you were planning to spend on hotels. For more guides and tutorials, you could always check out the myVEGAS app!

Top casinos

If you’re heading to Las Vegas to sample the best of the city’s betting scene, then it’s likely that you’ve already practiced by enjoying the best in internet casino games – and you may even have visited a casino or two in other cities. However, nothing compares to what’s on offer in Vegas, as it’s likely that this will be the casino capital of the world for many years to come. There are 40 casinos believed to be in operation in the Las Vegas area, for example, and they all have diverse specialties. Those who enjoy poker, for example, can head to the Bellagio on South Las Vegas Boulevard, as it has a huge 7,000 square feet full of poker table space!

Vegas is one of the most popular entertainment destinations in the world – and when you consider all that it has to offer, it’s really no surprise. From top-end restaurants to rival those found in New York, Paris or London, to the many casinos that this city is so famous for, there’s plenty to do in Nevada’s undisputed entertainment capital – and by planning your trip well before you go, you can ensure that you make the most of everything available in this city.