The Most Important Holiday Of Your Life

The big day

It is what some people feel that their whole lives have been leading up to. Your wedding day. No matter who you are, if you decide to get married, you are hoping that it will be one of the most special days of your life. Everyone has very unique opinions and choices about all things involved in the big day. Be it your choice of venue, how many guests to invite, what to wear, or even what to eat, everyone will have slightly different tastes.

One detail that almost everyone will agree on, however, is the decision to have a lovely holiday after all of that planning, to celebrate your love and mark the beginning of your new life with your partner. And indeed, after all that hard work, you will want some relaxation, some cuddling, and a lot of lovemaking, maybe by playing a few Sex Movr
hot videos simultaneously, to achieve the desired relaxation.

On that note, it’s time for the honeymoon!

Planning the honeymoon

There are many aspects to consider when planning your honeymoon. In many traditions the location of the honeymoon is actually hidden from the bride, to provide a big surprise when the groom finally reveals the location. This is something you should both decide on well in advance! If you are brave enough to just let one person do all the planning then remember to make sure that they are equipped with all the details they might need to know to book flights and insurance! For example, make sure they have a copy of your passport and that they remember to include your middle name on the plane tickets. You would not want to get turned away at the airport!

The biggest choice after this is, of course, the location which you choose to celebrate in. Most couples opt for a sun and sea honeymoon and fly to exotic locations. Villas and resorts by the sun and the sea are most preferable for the newlyweds. Websites such as Exceptional Villas ( could help you with your search for the perfect villa. However, do not feel like you must follow suit with this one. If you prefer a city break, choose that! If you are both avid skiers then definitely head for the slopes. This break away from home is really one that defines you as a couple and you should not be influenced by any others in choosing where to go. Budget of course will always be a limiting factor on where you end up, but why not push the boat out and really go for what you want!

Recording the magic

After all the planning that you both did for the big day, you will have undoubtedly chosen a wedding photographer such as ShinePics to record the magic of the ceremony and reception. It might be worth asking your professional photographer before the wedding for any tips on how to continue to photograph the honeymoon with a similar theme so that the images match the ones taken at the wedding itself. They may be able to provide you with advice to make your photos shine!

Share the love!

So many people turned out to share your big day and wish you a lifetime of happiness. Don’t neglect these people as soon as the big day is over, they want to continue to stay updated with your married life. Why not send out some funny or sentimental photos from the honeymoon as a thank you to family and friends upon your return? They will love to witness the fun that you both had and will feel like they are part of the magic too.