How to Organize the Perfect Family Vacation to Greece

On the eastern tip of Europe, Greece is a country that can compare with few around the world in terms of luxury stays, dreamy beaches, ancient history, and vibrant culture. You’ll find everything you want from a vacation in Greece, whether that’s incredible Mediterranean cuisine, deserted private beaches with white sand, awe-inspiring ancient structures, or a little slice of peace in which you can base your family for a stress-busting vacation. This article aims to help you and your family plan a luxury vacation to Greece that opens you up to all of these delightful marvels.

Plan Flights

Your first priority should be booking your flights. Greece is relatively far away – especially from the west coast of the US – and so your flight will be long-haul, and you may even have to change planes in transit. It’ll also be a relatively expensive set of flights to purchase for you and your family, so you should attempt to book them as soon as possible before you start planning the rest of your trip. Use flight price comparison sites to get the very best deal for your family, which will help you to save money to spend on food and drink once you’re in the jewel of the Mediterranean. Of course, the prices for these flights might be expensive, depending on the time of year that you book for. To cover these costs, it might be worth getting a vacation loan from a company like Tower Loan ( That should make it easier for families to afford this vacation.

Find a Stay

While there are all kinds of stays in Greece, there’s one in particular that you should prioritize if you’re to get that ideal vacation feel to your trip – the white-walled, private villa experience. With plenty to choose from overlooking the sparkling turquoise coastline of Greece, you can search on Loyal Villas Luxury to find the ideal place to base your family across your stay in Greece. Whether you choose to locate yourself within a walk to the beach or a hike into the mountains is entirely up to you, but a luxury villa will give you all the freedom to enjoy Greece at your own pace.

Car Hire

Greece is a famously ancient land, with an incredible array of monuments that survive from long before the birth of Christ. It’s recommended that, even if your family aren’t history buffs, you rent a car to see at least one of these incredible ancient sites. They’re marvels in ancient forms of civilization and are a fantastic opportunity to educate your children about the distant past of human history. Hire a car to help you navigate around Greece, which will grant you that extra bit of freedom and open up day trips for your family.

Documents and Administration

Before you fly, it’s paramount that you check that you’ve got all of your travel documents properly organized. Make sure that you’ve got:

  • Valid passports for all members of your family
  • Spending methods and a little cash (in Euros) to help you once you arrive
  • Travel insurance to cover you should misfortune affect your trip
  • Visas, should you and your family need them to visit Greece

With all of these documents printed or stored in a wallet of documents, including also the details of your bookings and car rental, you’ll be set for your wonderful family holiday in Greece.

Get your family away for a luxurious and stress-busting vacation to Greece with the above tips.