Great Camping Destinations Around The World

Camping is one of the quickest ways to ground yourself, and get back in touch with nature.  Unplugging from the fast-paced lifestyle our nation is used to navigating is important for your mental well-being.  

Give your mind a break, and check in to nature’s most beautiful hotels.  Here is a brief look at some of the most excellent camping destinations around the globe.  Start making plans for your summer adventures now.

The Golden Coast, California

Maybe the most widespread camping location we have listed, the Golden Coast of California is ripe with breathtaking aesthetic.  There are many different notable camping destinations along California’s coast.  There’s no denying the journey you and your family could experience along the West’s Pacific Coast Highway.

Southern California is the king of beach camping destinations.  Northern California is full of life that has been growing for centuries.  Visit the Redwoods of the north, and plan an extension to your trip to make your way all the way down the coast.

Adelaide Hills, Australia

Grab your chairs and campers, and head to the wild country of Australia.  Specifically, the gentle rolling hills of Adelaide offer the shelter of Hahndorf camping grounds.  

The campsites in the Adelaide Hills all offer outlets for electricity, water, WiFi, and they’re all pet friendly.  Visit the perfect place to make new friends, and reconnect with the planet that gives you life.

The Alps, France

The Alps are better known for the skiing opportunities in the winter months, but traveling to the Alps in France during the spring and summer will reveal a completely transformed landscape.  If you enjoy hiking and camping, you may never find a more enlightening experience than camping in the Alps.

The quaint villages and rolling green hills at the foot of the mountains are a once in a lifetime sight to see.  The fresh alpine air will renew your spirit, and you’ll never want to leave.

Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

New Zealand offers the landscape experience that only dreams (and New Zealand) are made from.  You and your family will love hiking through the South Island’s most expansive outdoor playground.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Everyone knows of the beauty of Hawaii, so there’s really no reason why camping in the natural environment of the island’s wouldn’t be a blessing.  The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will give you and your family the opportunity to look up, and see volcanoes lighting up the night sky.

Sleep under the shadow of a “sleeping giant” volcano, and cater a camping experience unlike any other.  During the day, take the family on an exploration through strange rock formations and some of the most unusual flora in the world.