Gift Ideas for Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Your closest friends and family serve as your groomsmen and bridesmaids for your wedding. It can be a very stressful and nerve-wracking experience but these will be the people who help you get through it. It’s customary to give them a little gift of appreciation. Or a big personalized gift if you’re feeling really generous. Try not to worry too much about how much gift spending will increase your wedding budget if money is tight, many good gift ideas could be covered by a kohl’s coupon. In addition, you may want to avoid items marked as wedding gifts (or groomsmen/bridesmaid gifts) as their prices have been known to be marked up.

But what is a good groomsmen/bridesmaid gift? It can depend how formal your wedding is. Personalized BobbleHeads could be good for an informal wedding whilst something sentimental could be amazing as well. Ultimately you are trying to thank them for them taking part in your big day so it should be something that lasts as long as your marriage. Here are just a few more gift ideas.

Gift Ideas for Groomsmen

Groomsmen gifts are often something classy, something that represents the dressed up smart nature of the grooms party on the wedding day. Here are five examples of good gifts for your groomsmen.

Personalised Hip Flask

If your groomsmen like spirits, a nice personalised hip flask will be a nice, usable token of appreciation. Putting his initials on it or even engraving a note of thanks will add a special touch.

Cufflinks or Tie Clip

Accessories for getting dressed up are nice gifts for men. Personalised cufflinks or cufflinks that match each of the groomsmen’s hobbies or interests are good gift ideas. The tie clip is coming back into fashion so could also work as a gift your guests will actually use.


Lot’s of men enjoy a nice glass of whiskey now and again so a nice bottle of their favourite type may be just the gift to show your appreciation. Many services will print custom labels so you can even write the note of thanks directly onto the bottle. Just try encourage them to wait to open their bottles until after the ceremony is over.

Experience Vouchers

If you are looking to spend a little more, it’s always fun to give them something they can do, not have. A day driving sports cars on the track, a hot air balloon ride or even just a day out golfing could make a wonderful gift they won’t forget. You could even do it as a group.

A Watch

The ultimate male fashion accessory, a nice watch for the guys who stood with you on your wedding day is a thoughtful and classy gift for your best man and grooms party. You can have a message engraved on the back so they can still wear it without the message being on display, but they will see the thanks every time they put it on or take it off.

Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

A bride usually tries to gift her bridesmaids with something heartfelt and meaningful. It could be something pretty that represents the sisterhood that is is a bride’s party. Here are a few examples of good gifts to give your bridesmaids to let them know how you feel about them on your big day.


What better gift to give to a lady than a nice bracelet or personalized name necklace to say thank you for helping out with your special day. Jewellery is suitable for bridesmaids of all ages, including children and you can even buy matching pieces for all the ladies. You can write a nice subtle message that will remind them of you and your wedding day every time they wear it.

Stuffed Toy

If your bridesmaids are the type who love teddies, give them a gift they can hug. The fluffy friends can be personalised and you could choose an animal that suits each of the bridesmaids.

Spa Vouchers

Give the gift of relaxation, spa vouchers let the girls choose their own treatments, from massages to facials. You could even all go together as a group. Many wedding venues also have spas on site, like Carden Park, a popular Chester wedding venue. You can go back to the venue of the wedding with all the nerves behind you and just relax.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts as a whole will go down a treat! It shows thought, care and also it will give the Bride something to treasure forever. You can even find something a little bit more unique like a personalized lamp (Lampara Luna Personalizada) that can be treasured forever and be a memory of the magic day.

Personalised Wine Glass

Do your ladies love a glass of wine? Get them a nice glass to show your thanks. They often come in nice decorative boxes, so they can be displayed just for show or they can be used as wine glasses are intended, as a vessel for a nice drop of red or white.

Personalised Bathrobe & Slippers

There are not many ladies who do not like relaxing at home in a nice comfortable dressing gown and slippers. Embroidering their names and initials can make it a perfect gift that they are sure to use.

These are just a few ideas of gifts for the people involved in your wedding, it only has to be a little token of appreciation, but it’s nice to show your thanks to your closest friends and family.