What To Expect When Traveling In Mexico

Mexico is an extremely popular destination for Americans to go. Because of the beautiful scenery, kind people, delicious food, and excellent prices compared to home, it is one of the best choices to go in under a few short hours on an airplane.

If you have never been before you may have preconceived notions about what to expect as you may have heard lots of different stories from others who have gone. However, there is no way to completely sum up what an experience in Mexico is like until you go and see it for yourself firsthand. It can depend on the hotel or resort you choose to stay in and the places you visit. If you are going for a wellness retreat, Wellness Resorts in Maroma Mexico might engage you with the nice relaxing stay you were looking for. However, if you are traveling solo, exploring the places, and go on your adventure in the great country of Mexico, here are the most important things to expect on your journey.

Local Vendors Will Constantly Try to Sell You Things

Depending on which city you are in you may get approached to purchase a variety of different things. In beach towns in particular tourists tend to be approached about investing in property or timeshares.

These salesmen are trained to sell aggressively and will sometimes even follow you down the street making offers of free meals or even cash in exchange for you going to attend an informational meeting about investing. This may be worth your efforts and time if you have a genuine interest in buying something, however, if this isn’t for you and you aren’t being left alone about it, don’t be afraid to give a polite but firm no and walk away.

You may have similar experiences in markets or stores where vendors will go as far as putting objects in your face shouting out prices and bartering. Don’t be alarmed as this is just part of the experience. Politely smile and say “no gracias” and keep walking if you aren’t interested.

Don’t Drink The Tap Water

In certain hotels the water systems are filtered, however outside of the hotel it is not advised to drink the tap water as it is not treated the same way as back home in the United States. It is full of harmful bacteria and potentially harmful parasites which could completely ruin your vacation.

Always drink bottled water and to be on the safe side, avoid drinking cocktails with ice in them unless it’s a reputable establishment which assures you that the ice is filtered. This isn’t guaranteed of course, so this is up to your own discretion.

The Best Food Is At Markets

Mexico is known for some of the most flavorful and delicious food in the world. You may think that the best food can be found in 5-star restaurants, however, sometimes the best gems are found in little holes in the walls in local markets.

Try to ask around with the locals or your hotel concierge to see if they have any recommendations.