Five Essentials For A Perfect Holiday

Traveling to a new and exciting location on holiday is one of the greatest things in life and provides memories that last forever. To get the most out of your holiday, however, it’s important to make proper preparations. We all know how quickly time seems to fly when on vacation, so it’s important to make the most of every minute; that means you can do without wasted time spent buying something you forgot to pack or didn’t realize you’d need. Before you travel, take a look at this shortlist and remember the five essential things you need to take for a perfect holiday.

1. Your Passport

This may seem obvious, but sometimes it’s the most obvious things that are forgotten, and if you turn up at the airport without your passport you won’t be getting on that plane, whoever you are and wherever you’re going. Luis Suarez is one of the world’s most celebrated and successful soccer players, but in 2016 he forgot his passport when due to fly from Spain to London for a match between soccer giants Barcelona and Arsenal. Thankfully, Barcelona officials sprang into action and fetched it for him just in time. You don’t have an army of officials to help you, so make sure your passport is with you before you leave home.

2. Warm Clothing, Even For a Hot Climate

If you’re heading to a hot climate you can get away with packing a modicum of clothes, right? Not necessarily. Some of the warmest destinations on the planet can experience a stark contrast in temperatures between daytime and nighttime, so if you don’t pack a jumper you could be left shivering in your hotel room instead of outside enjoying the nightlife. Don’t worry, careful packing of your clothing means you can fit more in a suitcase than you think, as Tourist 2 Traveler found when organizing their holiday clothing.

3. A Power Bank For Your Phone

Not so long ago, people used Polaroid cameras to take holiday photos or were limited to a few shots by the size of the film in their camera. Those days have gone. A smartphone allows you to capture hundreds of photographs and videos and then share them with friends. Using the camera really does drain the battery of a smartphone, however, and there’s nothing more frustrating than a phone that dies just as a spectacular sight comes into view. When you carry a pre-charged phone power bank with you, you’ll never need to miss a picture.

4. Inflatable Travel Pillow

Long haul flights can go one of two ways: you can relax, have a pleasant sleep, and wake up at your destination, or you can spend restless hour after hour trying and failing to fall asleep. Inflatable travel pillows can help you avoid the second scenario, especially when paired with an eye mask and earplugs. They’re incredibly small when deflated as well, so won’t take too much valuable luggage space.

5. Learn The Local Language

The final important thing you should take with you is a knowledge of the local language. I don’t mean, of course, that you have to be fluent, but learning just a few simple phrases will break the ice with native speakers of the language, and you’ll be amazed at how far they can get you. Heading online and learning a handful of words and phrases prior to the holiday can turn a good vacation into a great one.

Here’s a final checklist before you leave home and head for the airport: is your passport in your pocket? Have you packed a lightweight jumper? Have you got a power bank for your smartphone? Is an inflatable travel pillow at the top of your hand luggage? Do you know a few simple words or phrases in the local language? If you can say ‘yes’, ‘si’, or ‘oui’ to these five questions, then you’re ready to enjoy a truly great holiday.