How To Eat Healthy On Vacation

Eating healthy food is important for energy, a healthy body (inside and out), for your gut, and for a long life. That means that your healthy eating habits should follow you outside of the home and shouldn’t just be something you do when you’re at home. The key to making decisions on healthy eating when you’re away from home is knowing what it healthy.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to determine what food are actually healthy and which are not. You get mixed reviews when it comes to all sorts of foods, including eggs and dairy products. But, it also isn’t just about what you are eating, so hopefully these tips will help point you in the right direction.

Restaurant Portions

Portions are one of those important parts of healthy eating that you may sometimes forget about, and especially so when you’re eating out. Many restaurants, from fast food to sit-down, offer up portion sizes that could feed two adults and a small child, not just you. Continually eating multiple portions worth of food each meal is definitely not healthy, so split a meal with a guest or take at least half of it back to your hotel room with you to snack on later.

Picking The Right Meats

Another part of healthy eating is to know which meats to eat. Red meat has been said to clog arteries and can sit in the gut longer than white meats. That means it can cause gas and other sour tummy issues. While red meat does have some good nutrients for you, you should eat more white meat when it comes to being healthy and working on getting the protein you need for energy.

Skipping Dairy

Dairy has some good health benefits, but they are ones you can get from elsewhere (like eating broccoli for calcium). The thing is, people aren’t meant to drink milk from other animals, and no animal is really mean to drink milk out of infancy. That is why many people get gassy and stomach discomfort issues when they consume dairy.

Not All Salads Are Equal

You might think that salad is an easy choice no matter where you’re eating, but it isn’t always. It really depends on what’s in your salad. A salad with greens, fruits, nuts, and a light oil is definitely good, but a taco salad isn’t.

To Dessert Or Not?

Your best bet is to skip dessert. If you’re still feeling peckish after your meal then have a bowl of fruit instead of a bowl of ice cream. The vitamins and nutrients are better for you than the fat and sugar.
When you’re not at home making your own meals you really need to just pick the foods that sound the healthiest, like a salad over a hamburger or a spinach omelet with fruit on the side instead of pancakes. Be smart and your heart and body will thank you for it with a longer and healthier life.