Croatian Villas For Eco Traveling

Croatia, the smallest country in the Adriatic is located in South Eastern Europe. It shares a border with the Greek Island of Zakynthos and is bordered by the mountain ranges of the Dalmatian Sea, the Velkonia Mountains and the Rhodope Mountains. There are many wonderful sites that you can visit in order to experience a vibrant culture, diverse landscape, remarkable history and friendly locals.


One of the best ways to enjoy a great holiday in Croatia is by taking a Croatia eco getaways. Croatia is an outstanding location for both sightseeing and adventure travel. In fact, the landscape of Croatia is one of the best in Europe and the entire world. As you travel from town to town and mountain to mountain, you will encounter scenic vistas that will leave you breathless.


Croatia has many natural hot spots that you can enjoy when you travel through the country. If you love hiking, you can spend a number of days trekking through the incredible scenery in the mountains of Croatia. You can experience firsthand the beauty of the flora and fauna of this land as well as the diverse human culture that pervade the land. Many of the hiking trails are maintained by volunteers from all over the globe who enjoy sharing the knowledge of how to preserve the pristine beauty that is found in the Croatian countryside.


When you travel through the Adriatic coastline, you will come across lots of beautiful islands and cays where you can spend your days sailing, boating or simply relaxing on the beaches. If you enjoy boating, sailing or swimming, you will find that there are many lovely islands that are only accessible by boat or yacht. If you are more interested in enjoying the serenity of the water than you are in hiking and discovering the landscape, you may wish to spend more time exploring the natural hot spots around the Adriatic. These areas include Istria, where you can enjoy sailing, water skiing and windsurfing, and on the southern part of the Adriatic, you can visit Venice, the hometown of the Renaissance, and Ovric, home to a fascinating castle.


The Adriatic is full of natural wonders, and if you enjoy traveling through them, you will not want to miss the possibility of enjoying a day rafting down the Dalmatian Coast. The Dalmatian Coast has been recognized as a World Heritage site, and you will be able to view some of the most astounding natural scenes while touring this area. As you travel through the Adriatic, you will likely be captivated by the verdant landscapes of the Cetina region, including the five UNESCO World Heritage sites. You will also want to make it a point to visit and explore the cities of Dubrovnik, Sarnica, and Pula. All of these cities have an interesting history, and you will likely enjoy spending a number of hours experiencing all of the local flavor while you are on vacation in the Adriatic.


For those on vacation in the Croatia, they will likely find that a Croatian villa is the perfect place for them to live. In fact, if you are looking to make a little money off of your vacation, you might even be able to rent a house or two during your stay in Croatia. Even though you will not be spending money while you are there, you will still be contributing to the environment. Just think about how you will feel about helping to conserve the ozone layer, when you choose Croatia as one of your destinations for eco getaways. With a number of exciting vacation destinations available to you in the Croatia, you will find that you are in good company with many other nature lovers as you enjoy your stay in this beautiful country.