Colors and Textures On the Fly: Appreciating Architecture While Traveling

When you’re out traveling, whether it’s for business or pleasure, you can always take a minute to appreciate the architecture around you. Even when other things can be stressful as far as getting to one place from another, or figuring out what to eat or what to do next, you can always take a step back and just look around in different locations and see what kind of interesting visuals are around.

A few ways to appreciate architecture and design on this level would be to absorb some of the solid color themes that you see, look for natural themes in different types of houses or buildings, appreciate the potential for creative industrial themes that are starting to pop up all around the world, and think about the difference between old and new buildings as you are touring different places.

Solid Colors

For the most part, businesses and residences are going to have one primary color that they stick with in terms of design elements. This could be the color of the siding, the color of the material that makes up the building, or the paint that has gone on top in order to create a particular motif. Certain materials have a natural color that is usually present. For instance, you’ll typically see brick as being that off-red color that’s so popular in certain communities.

Natural Themes

When it comes to natural themes, almost anywhere in the world you will see the occasional house or business that is entirely made of wood. This can encompass all of the design styles from log cabins to rustic retreats to modern architecture that is supposed to have a throwback feel. Some architects have even become famous simply because of the way they treat a house as a part of nature, rather than disrupting the natural flow of the environment. These are always very popular because they are so natural and beautiful and they blend in with the surroundings of the countryside. You can almost picture yourself Bringing Home Your Modular Log Cabin, for your own slice of heaven at home!

Creative Industrial Themes

The world is changing currently in terms of resource availability. As you travel to your vacation destinations or your eventful business locations, you can occasionally see some of the creative industrial themes that have popped up. One of the more common ones these days is creating a home out of shipping containers. There are lots of interesting takes on this, and the more people practice with the details, the more communities are starting to accept them for their unique benefits.

Old Vs. New Buildings

It is completely possible to appreciate both new architectural schemes and old ones. However, if you really want to understand the difference between them, you have to do a little bit of studying in advance about the area that you’re going to. For instance, if you are traveling to Italy, even a brief foray through some history books will tell you about the different styles that have come and gone over the years. From that brief bit of research, you’ll be able to appreciate your travel that much more from an architectural standpoint.