Benefits Of Renting A Cottage In Wales

If you have ever dreamt of visiting Wales alone or with your family then you can make the visit more fun by renting a cottage. Wales cottages are especially beneficial if you are going on holiday with small children, aged parents or pets. If you have always had questions about this form of accommodation, then here is a look at the benefits of settling for cottages in Wales.

Property variety

Welsh holidays are only complete when you spend time in the different accommodation types in a variety of sizes and configuration that meet your needs. This means that you can stay in a traditional cottage or opt for a modern one if you so desire.


The fact that there is some sense of individuality in cottages makes this the best option for families wanting to spend holidays in Wales. It is important to understand that a majority of holiday cottages are owned by individuals. This naturally means they have the owner’s individual character stamped on them.

Facilities variety

Since these are simply homes, holiday cottages have all standard facilities you will find in a home. For instance, you will get a lounge, audio equipment, television, a kitchen, cooking gear, clothes storage and many more amenities. There are some that also have gardens and terraces.


If you intend to tag your family along then space is important. You will have more than enough space when you rent a cottage. In fact, you will get a larger space when compared to the everyday hotel rooms. Other options won’t allow pets. But with cottages, there is space for pets too.

Less Cost

Finally, the budget conscious individuals will find cottages in Wales the best option. As compared to hotel accommodation, you stand to save quite a lot of money. First, you don’t have to pay for food or other facilities you don’t need. When catering for yourself, you will spend less as compared to buying already cooked food.