Android Assistance: Top Travel Apps and Gadgets to Help You Feel Safer

Travel is surely one of the most wonderful things a person can do with their time and wherewithal. Whether moving around domestically or abroad, travel offers experiences and memories that can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, travel can also be fraught with uncomfortable situations. In the interest of happy travelers everywhere, we are pleased to present the following suggestions about apps that may make you feel safer when you go globe-trotting. In addition to these apps, you may also wish to invest in a VPN like expressvpn for your mobile device to help protect your details and information whilst on your travels. This is particularly important if you will be using public WiFi networks, as security is not as strong with public networks as it is with private ones, so you should take extra steps to ensure that your devices are as secure as possible.

Communicate more effectively

Don’t go anywhere without Google Translate. Enable the free app on your Android or Apple phone, and understand what signs and menus say in more than 100 languages. If you are somewhere that uses unusual characters in lieu of letters you recognize, take a picture with your smartphone and Google Translate will tell you what they mean. Activate the conversation mode, and communicate with cab drivers, shop owners, constables, waiters and other people who speak a language in which you are not fluent. Go ahead and download the offline translation guide so you don’t have to spend pricey data minutes when using the app, suggests Smarter Travel magazine.

Get around more easily

Find your way through unfamiliar locations with CityMaps2Go for Android. This handy app offers generally reliable assistance including offline maps, points of interest and restaurant recommendations based on cuisine, region and price range. Organize travel itineraries like a pro with CityMaps2Go. Call a friend for directions and obtain an audio record with Call Recorder for Me. Refer to it if you get lost.

Sponsored by TripAdvisor, the Viator app for Android helps user book reservations for popular tourist destinations well in advance of arrival. Never miss out on a travelers tour again. With Viator, users can browse all the local attractions without having to log into and out of numerous websites. Compare prices and book your tickets on the fly.

Feel more secure when globetrotting when you keep the U.S. State Department Smart Traveler Program on your smartphone. This free app lets users communicate with nearby embassies and receive pertinent travel advisories based on their travel itinerary. As a bonus, this app doesn’t require an internet connection to review travel advisories.

Protect your assets

A travel case for your valuable electronic gear can be a virtual lifesaver, especially when schlepping devices through airports. A padded travel tote can protect your iPad, Kindle and other handy devices says My Itchy Travel Feet magazine. Load your tote with a universal plug adapter, and you won’t be without a charging station no matter where in the world you travel. Portable door locks and wearable pouches may boost travel security on both a mental and physical level. The Glympse app lets your friends and family know your location in real-time. When you’re trekking with others, this handy app makes it easier to reconnect in the event anyone gets lost.

Enjoy global and domestic travel even more when you download and install a variety of useful apps for your Android phone or other device.