5 Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta

There is a reason that thousands of tourists flock to Puerto Vallarta each year.  The culture, warm weather, and exciting atmosphere make it a crowd favorite.  You can frequently find travel deals there for reasonable prices if you sign up for travel deal alerts.  Sometimes you can find tickets for as low as a few hundred dollars round trip.

Taking a trip to Puerto Vallarta is something that is fun for not only adults but there are also activities that are suitable for the entire family.  Here are some of the variety of things that you can do on your trip beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Take a Booze Cruise

Leave the kids with a babysitter and take one of the famous booze cruises which offer a full day of drinking on a boat on the ocean.  Enjoy music which plays loudly and the gentle sway of the ocean as you dance and drink to your heart’s delight.

Be careful, however, and don’t drink too much or you could lose a whole day of your vacation in bed. A hangover is the last way that you want to spend your trip.  Make sure that you drink in moderation and drink plenty of water or you could get dehydrated in the hot sun which is dangerous.

Go To Bars

Check out the many bars that are along the streets which promise delicious cocktails like pina coladas, margaritas, or ice cold micheladas.  You can find these bars all over the city and they are usually full of people at any hour of the day.

Make sure that you go for happy hour which offers discounted drinks and food for several hours.  This way you can maximize your money and stretch your dollar.

Walk on The Malecon

The Malecon is a beautiful boardwalk alongside the ocean which is always full of life and music.  Vendors sell their crafts and artwork and people put on their best outfits and take a stroll at night.

Make sure that you go in the daytime too to check out the action since there is always something exciting happening.

Eat Street Tacos

Make sure that you visit one of the many famous taco stands located in the streets which offer authentic Mexican cuisine.  Make sure that you look for spots where the locals are.  You know that if you see locals eating there then it must be a good place!

Check Out The Market

Make sure that you check out the market where you can find plenty of handcrafted artisanal pieces, interesting spices, and beautiful clothing. Don’t forget that in Mexico bartering is encouraged! Never settle on the first price that they give you.  Make sure that you always try to take them down a bit.