5 of The Best 5 Star Holiday Destinations for April 2017

April sees temperatures sluggishly on the rise and the days gradually getting longer. The good weather really can’t come quickly enough! Don’t make yourself wait though – you can always treat yourself to a spot of sun-seeking before the summer months hit by jetting off to one of the following luxury getaways. Destination2 recommends these exotic retreats, which are in their prime long before the holiday rush!

Abu Dhabi
Dive into a metropolis rich in culture and intrigue on a visit to Abu Dhabi. The hotter weather is just kicking in during the month of April, so there is no need to hide inside from the glare of the Middle Eastern sun as you explore this fascinating city. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the excellent local cuisine and explore the astonishing architecture – both traditional and modern – as you journey around the opulent capital of the United Arab Emirates.


As one of the largest islands in the world, Borneo boasts a surprisingly diverse array of experiences. Journey through lush jungle to the peak of the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia – Mount Kinabalu, or gaze upon romantic seaside sunsets from a glittering beach or a hotel balcony. Beat the rush but catch the start of the hotter weather by visiting in April, after the annual rainfall has dried and left the landscape rich, fresh and green.


Monsoon season is over, and the glory of the Maldives is at its zenith in the month of April. Luxuriate in the blissful sunshine or take the plunge and enjoy the depths of the sapphire blue ocean on snorkelling or scuba trips. With numerous family-friendly or adult-only resorts to choose from, this scattering of atoll islands in the Indian Ocean is truly paradisiacal – the perfect destination when you just want to run away and leave it all behind!


Back to the much-loved Caribbean now – Grenada is known as “Spice Island” with good reason. The delicious local cuisine is like nothing else in the world, and if your idea of perfection is curling up on a sunbed under a glorious blue sky with a rum cocktail in hand, this tropical island may just be a dream come true for you. As with the majority of the islands off South America, the temperature rarely dips below 25 degrees celsius in the daytime, but Spring is the best time to enjoy Grenada in all its glory.


Witness a kaleidoscope of culture in Cuba, the largest Caribbean island. With a fertile and unique cultural and political identity, Cuba is the destination of choice for travellers who are prepared to be fascinated and enthralled as they experience the glorious marriage of intriguing history and super-modern style. Havana is one of the classiest of retreats and was the destination of choice for an astonishing selection of of A-listers during the age of the silver screen. Visiting in the early-to-mid Spring means that you can avoid wet weather and the hurricanes that often sweep the island at the height of summer.