4 Reasons Younger Groups Should Book Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

Serviced apartments tend to be popular with families, but they can also make a great choice when a group of younger people are travelling together. When you’re young and childless with plenty of disposable income, you can take city breaks all the time, but it still pays to think long and hard about the type of accommodation you’re going to book. Instead of settling for a hotel without thinking over your options, here are just a few reasons to book a serviced apartment.

  1. More Communal Feel

When you’re travelling as a group, it’s much nicer to stay together. When you book a serviced apartment, you won’t be split up like you would be in a hotel. You can cook together and hang out together more easily, and you won’t have to worry so much about where to meet up in the evening.

  1. Space to Have Fun in the Evening

While families with young children generally have to get to bed early, groups of younger holidaymakers usually enjoy staying up late so they can have a few glasses of wine, enjoy a couple of games, and generally make the most of each other’s company. A serviced apartment will provide a living area where you can do just that. In contrast, hanging out in a hotel room isn’t nearly as comfortable or convenient.

  1. Potentially Cheaper than a Hotel

While younger travellers who don’t have any children can generally be quite free with their money, it’s always nice to save where you can. When you travel as a group, it’s often better for your bank balance to book a serviced apartment instead of a hotel.

  1. Close to the City Centre

As a younger group, you’ll probably want to go out at night, which means you’ll want to stay close to the city centre. While most affordable hotels will be on the city outskirts, most serviced apartments will put you close to where the action is.