3 Ways A Change Of Scenery Can Be Mentally Beneficial

Having a mental struggle or block can cause a lot of problems in your life. Regardless of what the root issue is, it’s important to find a way that you can seek after resolution and begin living your life in a happy, productive way again.

One of the best ways to jumpstart this is to get a change of scenery. While this can be done through travel, it can also be done right in your own backyard. So to show you just how beneficial this strategy can be, here are three ways a change of scenery can be mentally beneficial.

Help You Kick A Bad Habit

If you’re needing to beat a bad habit in order for you to get healthier or happier in your life, one great way to encourage yourself to let go of this is to have a change in your scenery. According to Sam Sommers, a contributor to Psychology Today, military personnel who developed addictions during the Vietnam War had a much better chance of sticking to their recovery when they returned home right after getting sober. By getting out of the environment where they were indulging their addictions, they were able to use that change of scenery to let go of those old, unhealthy habits and create new ones. This same principle can apply to you if you’re looking to stop a bad habit.

Increase Happiness Through Anticipation

Getting a change of scenery, or even just planning for a change of scenery, can help improve your mental health by increasing your happiness. According to Lindsay Holmes, a contributor to the Huffington Post, having travel plans or planning to see a new place can increase your happiness through the anticipation of your trip. By having something to look forward to, you can experience the happiness that comes from having a change in scenery even before that event actually takes place. So to help you be happier, try to always have some kind of travel plans to look forward to, even if you’re just traveling to the next town over.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

By experiencing a change of scenery, especially when this takes place outside, you can also benefit mentally from seeing a boost in your self-esteem. According to the staff at Live Science, doing activities outside and in a different environment than you normally find yourself can help you to feel more self-confident and can improve your self-esteem. Just spending five minutes per day outside can result in major benefits to the way you see yourself and the world around you.

If you want to see some improvement in your mental state, consider how having a change of scenery could help you accomplish this.