3 Tips For Traveling Across The Country On Your Motorcycle

For many people, the ideal way to go on a road trip is with a motorcycle. These machines are perfect for zipping down the roads and freeways, get excellent gas mileage, and help you streamline your trip so you don’t have too many possessions weighing you down. However, riding for days on end on a motorcycle can have its own set of challenges. So if you’re wanting to undertake this adventure in the future, here are three tips for traveling across the country on a motorcycle.

Consider Renting A Motorcycle

If you own your own bike, it might not have even occurred to you to consider renting a bike. After all, your motorcycle is already bought and paid for, which can severely reduce the overall costs of your trip. However, taking a long road trip can also be very hard on a motorcycle. Knowing all this, Brian Roberts, a contributor to Forbes.com, recommends weighing whether you’d rather put the wear and tear on your own bike or pay a little more to put all those miles on a rental motorcycle. While you can have a great experience either way, it’s worth thinking about renting a motorcycle is you’re at all worried about how your bike will perform under all the pressure of a long trip.

Get The Right Gear

Riding across the country is a lot different than just spending some time cruising around town. If you’re going to be on your bike for hours each day for days on end, you’re going to want to prioritize your own comfort and ensure that you’ve got the right gear to make the days easier on your body. According to Michael Padway, a contributor to the Motorcycle Legal Foundation, some of the aftermarket gear you might want to consider adding to your motorcycle should include heated and padded grips, a gel or cushioned seat, a backrest, and cruise or throttle control. All of these things can make spending all day on your motorcycle much more pleasant. Additionally, make sure you’ve got the right bags for all your personal gear so that you don’t have to worry about things flying off while you’re cruising down the road or having to unload everything off your bike each time you need to find something.

Be Prepared For Unpredictable Weather

Taking a motorcycle trip across the country means you’ll likely be riding through many different types of weather. Not only do you need to be concerned about keeping yourself safe from a motorcycle accident, but you also want to ensure that you’re as comfortable as you can be in every situation. To help with this, Collin Woodard, a contributor to CheatSheet.com, recommends having clothes and equipment that are well ventilated and waterproof.

To help you have the best experience on your cross-country motorcycle trip, consider using the tips mentioned above as you plan and prepare for this adventure.