3 Reasons to Visit Oregon

If you love traveling, one of the goals you probably have is to visit all 50 states at least once. The United States has such a variety of experiences to offer. There are many kinds of landscapes, different kinds of food native to each state, and enough history to keep you busy learning for the rest of your life. That said, one state that should be at the top of your list is Oregon. Below are three very good reasons why this state sets itself apart from the rest.

Scenery That Will Take Your Breath Away

There are a few places on this planet that take you away to another world just by looking at them. Oregon is one of those places. While there, take the opportunity to walk the length of Cannon Beach and check out its monumental Haystack rock. Prefer the mountains? Oregon is home to Mount Hood.

At 3,249 meters high, its snow-capped glory is bound to leave you breathless. The view of Crater Lake could convince anyone of the existence of an intelligent creator and the huge and numerous waterfalls will hypnotize the stress in your life and vaporize it. For those that simply love to be outdoors, Oregon is definitely the place to be.

Follow the Path of Lewis and Clark

In 1804, President Jefferson decided to do what he could to learn about the western side of the states. So, he chose Lewis who, in turn, chose Clark to be his second and sent them on a journey to discover what the west was made of. Their expedition took them through the state of Oregon with their interpreter, Sacagawea.

It took so long that many gave the travelers up for dead. However, on December 5, 1805, they finally reached the Pacific coast and flooded the waiting governments with tons of new and exciting information about all the sites, peoples, and goods they discovered along the way. A trip to Oregon could immediately put you in touch with a very rich past.

No Sales Tax

You read that right. There is no sales tax in the lovely state of Oregon. It is one of only five states in the U.S. that offer that privilege. Want to buy that souvenir shirt for your hubby? Go ahead. If it says it’s $14.99, guess what. You will only pay $14.99! Ready to buy junior’s first car?

In Oregon, you will escape the hundreds of dollars in sales tax easily. Why? Because there isn’t any. This reason, alone, is enough to draw millions (and does every year.) Knowing this particular detail about Oregon is enough to convince many to move to Oregon. After all, no sales tax means cheaper everything!

Looking for a beautiful change of scenery with a welcoming population and money saving opportunities? Check out the rich, historical state of Oregon.