3 Reasons to Book Serviced Apartments for Short-Term Business Trips

Some business travellers end up staying in the same spot for several weeks, but it’s more common for those coming on business to visit for only a day or two. If you’re taking such a brief business trip, you might assume that staying in a hotel is the best option, but you should really think about booking a serviced apartment instead.

Here are just three reasons why.

  1. Everything in One Place

When you’re only taking a short business trip, you don’t have time to find the right restaurants or get the hotel to have your shirts cleaned. When you book a serviced apartment, everything is right where you need it. With a fully fitted kitchen and all the amenities of home, you’ll never have to interrupt your busy schedule. You’ll be surprised how much easier your day flows when you don’t need to rely on other people and outside services.

  1. Convenient Location

Unless you’re willing to pay top dollar, your hotel will usually be on the outskirts of the town or city you’re visiting – that’s the only place people can afford to build such huge buildings. Being on the outskirts means relying on public transportation and facing long trips in and out of the centre. In contrast, most serviced apartments are centrally located, so most places you need to go will be right on your temporary doorstep.

  1. Room to Work

Hotels generally provide a slim desk and a hard chair for people who need to get some work done. That might be fine for an hour or two, but what if you need to spend a whole evening working on a report or getting a presentation together? You’ll want a dedicated working area, and that’s just what a good serviced apartment can provide.