3 Things To Never Leave At Home When You’re Road Tripping

Something that everyone should experience in their life, at one point or another, is taking a road trip. Regardless of where you live, taking a road trip to some exciting destination is a great way to see that new city while also getting to experience everything between here and there is a more up-close way. However, being on the road can also put you in danger of getting in some type of car accident. So to help ensure that you’re ready for anything the road has to throw at you, here are three things you should never leave home without when you’re road tripping.

Extra Food and Water

One of the staples for taking a road trip is snacks. And while most people at least pack some type of food to bring with them on their journey, many people don’t think about being prepared for something unexpected to happen. But if you’re road tripping far from home, especially if you’re going off the beaten path, it might be hard for you to get the supplies you need to survive if you get in a car accident or are otherwise disabled. Because of this, Tierney Brannigan, a contributor to DMV.org, advises that you always keep some extra food and water in your car. Bring a little more than you think you might need so that you have a little in reserve that you can tap into in case of an emergency.

An Emergency Kit

In addition to having extra food and water to consume in an emergency, you also want to be prepared for any type of emergency that might come upon you. With this in mind, Yahoo! Travel and MentalFloss, recommend that you create an emergency kit that has items for both mechanical emergencies and medical emergencies. These kits should include things like bandages, alcohol swabs, medical tape, basic tools, jumper cables, and flashlights. With these types of supplies in your car, you’ll be able to handle almost any situation that you might find yourselves in.

Portable Chargers

Regardless of what you run into when on your road trip, it’s likely going to be important that you’re able to get in contact with someone. You might be needing to call for a tow truck, inform someone that you’re going to be later than you expected, or call for the police to help if you’ve been in a car accident. So to ensure that you’re always able to make the calls you need, Safewise.com suggests that you always keep one or two portable phone chargers in your car. Especially if you’ll be spending a lot time on the road and using your phone for things like music and GPS, you might find that your battery gets drained fast, making these portable chargers vital to your trip.

If you’ll be taking a road trip in the future, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare for your car for anything you meet on your journey.