Stay Organized on Your Travels

If you are a keen traveller you will be well aware how important being organised is. No matter the length of your trip, or where you are going, it pays to plan in advance, and we recommend you know exactly what you are doing, and when. Of course, there has to be room for some spontaneity, so leave a few hours free here and there, but knowing when things are open, and what time you travel, is essential. Indeed, making sure you are on time is equally important, but more of that later! So, what are the essential items we recommend to keep you organized on your travels? Let’s have a look!

Use a Personal Organizer – your smartphone is an essential item for travelling anyway, but are you aware there are many apps that can turn it into your very own personal organiser? You can use it to plan your itinerary, set it to remind you of what you are doing at a particular time, and much more. These are great apps for travellers, and there are many more like them with other functions.

Organize Your Tickets – this is a surprisingly important point, and one that you should take great care with. If you are buying tickets in advance for a number of journeys, make sure you have them organized in order, and in a safe and secure place. We recommend that you use some form of money belt rather than a conventional wallet, as this is much safer. This applies to your passport and any visa’s, too.

Take an Alarm Clock – this is a much-overlooked tip, but one that really will make your life easier. You are going to endure early starts, so you need something to wake you up! Even if you use a travel alarm clock as a back up to your phone, it’s a worthy and cheap investment. They are compact and designed for travel, and very versatile. In fact, we found a great review of travel alarm clocks at, a great website offering comprehensive reviews of travel items, household goods, gadgets and more. They give you full details of the top 10 items in each category, as well as advice and information on what you should expect to pay, so it’s well worth a visit for more items for travellers.

A Good Backpack – to keep organised, you need something to carry everything with, and a good, sensibly sized backpack is essential. There are many reviewed at so there’s another reason to check it out, and they are all top quality at excellent prices.

That’s just a few ideas on what to take with you to keep organised when travelling, and we dare say there are many more. We can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure you are on time for connecting journeys, so your phone and alarm clock working in tandem will keep you on track. So, enjoy your travelling, and make sure you stay safe, wherever you are going!